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Our policy is to provide the best talent to the employers. To fulfill the objectives, we are equipped with efficient and committed workforce and infra – structure, a devotion to the cause to serve the humanity and above all our honest through because we believe that" HONESTY IS STILL THE BEST POLICY,"


Selection process

It is always being difficult to select somebody for some other because of the   amount of trust imposed upon you. We have always tried to select the best for our valued customers. The selection process has been designed in a way that makes us capable to select right not once but for always .It's been our continuous endeavor to fine the best deal for the people on the both side the court.


                                  First of a screening analysis is to be done to short list probable righteous candidate for the opening

A screening  analysis not help to eliminated undeserving candidate in the beginning but also enables the employer not to get involved  in unnecessary hassle to cope –up  with large numbers of candidates and not to waste their  valuable time. After our advertisement in local and national daily newspaper.


1)     Adequate Education and Work experience

2)     Personality

3)     Language Requirement and  work  Experience

4)     Physical Fitness

5)     1.Q Level

6)     Overall Suitability Index for a specific job Requirement


The triple "A" Stand important and guiding force for us that is

1) Attitude

2) Awareness

3) Action


We believe that irrespective of adequate the most important factors is "Attitude "one with a right attitude can always make the difference. As it's been said that "Any human after their live by altering their attitude "Keeping use to fine the right the fact we always try to judge the attitude  of candidates that help us to fine right candidates.


 It's the fine juncture of the selection in which the employee or his representative himself conducts the interview and selects the candidate after judging their capability for the required job. In many such we take full precaution and take every possible step to ensure the right candidate for our worthy employers….